Prayaas Publications Launches New Book

Prayaas publications launched its new book – “Wow no side effects” by Mridula Sharma.


   Front cover                              Back Cover

This book is written in easy language and in narrative style so as to hold the attention of the reader. Part one has 18 chapters and part two has 12. The author has structured the chapters to address aspects of everyday life and living, the way we were meant to. It guides us on ways to respect our body as a gift of God to be enjoyed to the fullest in a lifetime.


6 responses to “Prayaas Publications Launches New Book

  1. It is good that you have published Mridula Sharma’s book. I am sure it will help guide many a person to enjoy good health sans sickness. I too have written a book, “Say No to BACK PAIN – A simple Self-cure Spine Yoga”. It is required by each and every one who suffers from back pain. Can you publish my book also in the same manner as Mridulaji’s?

    • Mr S.M.Acharya,
      I hope that you do understand that we are a self publishing co. We publish the books on payment. Each service has to be paid for. There are charges for editing, page making and page setting, printing, packaging and forwarding to your address. Any other expenses that come along like designing the cover or any other graphics that you need, will have to be borne by you.
      If you agree to this then you may send your digital manusrcipt by e-mail. We will look into it and let you know further.
      Thank you

  2. bhupender singh

    pls find this book for me

    • Dear Mr Rawat,
      If you are in India please send your address and the book will be sent to you by VPP. If you are out of India then send me your address we will send the invoice to you after which you can pay through pay pal and after we receive the advice from pay pal we will send your copy to you. Thank you for your interest in the book.

  3. Please send your address i will buy the book. Please tell me who is the distributors of your publication were is avaliable in delhi

  4. Sourabh, The distributors in Dehli are Variety Book Stores in Canaught place. Otherwise you can order at the website itself .or write to

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