About Prayaas

‘Prayaas – an effort’ | Prayaas in sanskrit means, to try,  make an effort to do something. Prayaas Publications is a subsidiary of the unregistered NGO ‘Prayaas – an effort’. “WOW NO SIDE EFFECTS” is the first book it has published. “WRITE YOUR BOOK AND SELF PUBLISH is the second title under Prayaas Publications.

The next project of Prayaas is translating some 400 years old manuscripts and bringing them out in the public for their benefit.

It is intended to be a publication to bring out the rich tradition and culture in India.


6 responses to “About Prayaas

  1. interested in what you are doing

  2. Hi Bharat,
    We are in the process of finalizing a few other books, some on matural health, a few manuscripts and a book on reincarnation , a true story which has been coming in print and electronic media. It is a first hand account by the person who experienced it herself. There is one more work written 70 years ago but not published, it is analysis of Gita in context of other Darshans. All this will come once we have finished with the promotion of our first book.
    There is a group on face book by the name Ah No Side effects you may see that an join and contribute. It is interactive and open.

  3. Hi Mridula, am looking for your book, “wow no side effects”, cannot find it anywhere. Can you please advise?

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