I Was Born Again

I was Born Again

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“how lucky, I did have two mothers both my own. Both from whose womb I took birth albeit in different births.”

I was compared to my own self whenever I did something that was not upto their standards. I (guddi) had my own self (of last birth) for competition. Have you ever heard that?

Though I was perhaps only two and a half years old at that time, but I had known my father taaji  for more than 31 years, whether I was in this world or not.


This book is coming shortly is a book on real life story of a woman who remembered her past life. A validated story by none less than late Dr Ian Stevenson of Virginia University. A ‘well written about’ story even after 59 years of its happening in 1952 when it splashed in the papers all over the world . Written by none else than the person who remembered it herself. One and only of its kind as stories on re-incarnations are many but none have been written by the person him/herself. I WAS

BORN AGAIN is the title.