Raising a Vegetarian Champion

Raising a Vegetarian Champion

Back of the book

Back Page:

 All the children play some game or the other, some play at the school level some at the level of the street some at club level. Others go to interschool competitions yet some others compete in state level meets. Very few excel enough to reach the national levels and fewer than that go to international meets.

Yet a miniscule percentage of those who play at the international levels also make no mark beyond playing a few matches but a small percentage of that get to be known somewhere and in between all this the real talent is lost for any of these reasons and more; due to financial constraints, politics in the game, parents giving more importance to academics or any other reason.

The ones we see on top may not be the best but they persisted and their perseverance saw them where we see them.

The difference between a player who performs better than the others depends on so many things, so many different aspects of life. More depends on the subtle, minute care that is taken care of. That is what is told in this book. It tells you to do that little extra which matters, which takes one to that height where the other compatriots wish and aspire to be.

This book provides you with that extra edge which you always want to know about the best in your group. It is based on the experiences of those who have been there and experienced it all first hand.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 How I started my children on sports
Chapter 2 Diet
Chapter 3 Health
Chapter 4 Exercise
Chapter 5 Life style
Chapter 6 Thought power and mind games
Chapter 7 Sleep, rest and relaxation
Chapter 8 Politics in Sports
Chapter 9 Study and Sports balance
Chapter 10 Your child has arrived

Two more books are coming out on natural remedies.


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