Wow No Side Effects

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About the book

This book is written in easy language and in narrative style so as to hold the attention of the reader. Part one has 18 chapters. The author has structured the chapters to address aspects of everyday life and living, the way we were meant to. It guides us on ways to respect our body as a gift of God to be enjoyed to the fullest in a lifetime.

The second part of the book carries on from there. Mainly it has the easy solutions to lesser and bigger ailments. This has 12 chapters.

Summary of Chapters

Very often we tend to ignore the signals that the body sends when it is not well. We don’t think much of them. They do not trouble us. They are no hindrance to our daily routine. We carry on with small discomforts till one day they grow up to be serious problems requiring immediate attention and sometimes going out of hand.

Part 1

Chapter 1 | How this book came into being

With our own agendas and daily routines, we may not be able to follow all that is written in this book, let us follow as much of it as we can. Apart from what is written here, there may be certain family traditions, you must follow them as they were there for some reason. With time we became too modern to follow all those that were, once a way of life.All what is given here as how to lead our life may be difficult for everyone to follow. Some of what is written here may be difficult to follow in all strictness, but it is important to know what is right from what is wrong. Once you know that, you will try to fit in as much as possible and a choice to you of what you could alternately do.

Most of the times you may feel that there is nothing new that I am talking of and other times you might be amazed to know of the powerful efficacy of humble everyday things.

I must stress here that such health solutions are actually easy to implement and they do give relief. We must use our knowledge for our own good. In this book, I have tried to provide some insights into simple solutions, to show how many — if not all — diseases can effectively be cured through one’s own efforts. That “if not all” is in cases that have gone far beyond reparation.

We should never dismiss all the wise advice our grandmothers have passed down to us through the generations, for they knew the best. There are many other sources, which can add to our knowledge,

Chapter 2 | Some Routines

Very often we tend to ignore the signals that our bodies send out when we are not well. We tend to ignore the first symptoms because they do not trouble us too much. They do not hamper our daily activities and routines so we carry on with our work silently bearing all the smaller discomforts. Then one day these symptoms become more severe and we suddenly discover that we have a serious health problem to deal with. Sometimes even tumors in our bodies become unwieldy and require our immediate attention. If ignored, they could have fatal consequences and that is when medical intervention is required, but if dealt with at an earlier stage would be much easier to tackle, maybe we can get rid of them at our level not allowing it to take that shape. Better still if we take care of our diet and routine, we keep the toxins away from us so that no such ailment ever develops.

Almost all the ailments originate via the stomach. We take full care as to what we eat but we often ignore problems with excretion. We do not care to check whether the food that we consume has been properly digested and the residue expelled or not. Even if we feel that we have been able to empty our bowels completely, we need to check the condition of the digested food

Given here are some facts from real life, like the use of turmeric and vitamin ‘c’ to cure cancer etc.

Chapter 3 | Learn to depend as less on doctors as possible

Our body has the Capacity to heal itself. We can learn to treat ourselves in most cases. We need to tune ourselves with our bodies and we will know what to do.

Remember, all those things that make the life easier also contribute to the negative side of the health. Like the calculators. We are so used to the calculators, that we have forgotten the tables that we learnt. We were encouraged to do mental maths that is what keeps the mind going. If we continue with that we will have lesser problems in our senior years. It is exercise to the brain. I was  made to get up early in the morning and it was routine that I learnt my tables, spellings and meanings. My mother herself remained mentally sharp even on her death bed, at 87 years of age, she calculated a mathematical problem without the use of paper and pencil which my engineer daughter was asked at an interview and could not solve.

Chapter 4 Of Life

Geeta got up with a severe headache. It encompassed full back of her head and continued till the forehead. She understood it was due to cold that she has been neglecting. It was severe sinusitis. She had guests at home for whom breakfast had to be made ready and after that they had to be taken around town. First thing she did was, drank two glasses of water. Then she took plain water steam inhalation and after sometime she did jalneti. There was one more symptom that indicated cold inside her and that was— her ears were paining which she tackled by putting warm mustard oil in her ears. Care should be taken that the oil is just warm and not hot; otherwise it will harm the ears. This can be checked on the inner forearm. It is said that you can even reverse deafness by putting oil in the ears before a meal. One ear at a time because when you tilt your head for the other ear the oil from the first ear will come out. This also strengthens the teeth.Giving some gap, Geeta also did some pranayams like kapalbhatti and anulom vilom. She was fit for the day but the long established cold was not so easy to get rid of. After that she continued the routine for a few more days and she came out of it.

Chapter 5 | Another Case Story

It was quite fashionable to have high B.P.  Everyone in that social class had so there was nothing to panic about. He was not yet on treatment.  A young solid body could bear the vagaries of High B.P. Obviously it looked like normal but inner changes were taking place. His blood vessels were getting constricted so the passage of air also got restricted and that too did not show much impact as the body was still young, but during rainy season he would suffer from difficulty in breathing. Now the medication for that started. Wherever someone directed he would go to that doctor and start the medicines given by him, some one said that one particular doctor is good at analyzing the food allergies that one has, he has got a machine to do so, therefore he went to that doctor, This doctor did not test him for food allergies but put him onto Asthalin inhaler. Bhupen shah was very happy with this. Two puffs and he was fine. His eating, sleeping habits remained the same. Slowly the blood vessels became so constricted that he was put on one small pill a day. This was not painful at all, as his life was not restricted by these two medications. Breathing problem became a regular feature, earlier it was only during rainy season now it was an “all seasons” thing. Till now he blamed Bangalore for his breathing problem, now he faced it every where. In or out of the country. Still it was a matter of two puffs and his life was still not restricted by these maladies.


By now Bhupen shah had turned fifty five years of age. One Sunday evening he had gone to visit a convalescing friend and there he got a stroke. Thankfully the friend removed him to a hospital and medication, to control the B.P. started immediately. Though he had not been smoking for 13-14 years now, but smoking was responsible for constricting his blood vessels, as they were for high B.P but because most of us know so little about our bodies and even if we know how many of us follow the cautions that are needed to be taken for a healthy

Chapter 6 | Health and Five Elements.

How the five elements, like fire, earth, water, air and ether are instrumental  in human health

Chapter 7 | Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the basis of any health problem. If the diagnosis is right only then the treatment will be effective. I was raising a rather large family, compared to our times, of four children, an ailing mother and a husband. Many a times when a child fell sick, doctors would fall short of a diagnosis. However diagnosis is key to successful treatment.

Chapter 8 | Removing Toxins

The ailing body is nothing but accumulation of toxins which, if removed will bring back normal health. I often say, ‘remove the toxins and fill the body with nutrients, where will the ill- health remain’. Our bodies are full of toxins created due to our own ignorance or lethargy. Due to affluence or the market availability and advertisements have their own share, the inability to cook, we buy and eat the stuff that creates toxins in our bodies and these toxins  in turn are the harbingers of disease. Modern day life styles  have forced us to eat the precooked stuff or cook it one day and eat for the subsequent few days, but this is what creates the “ama” or the toxins in the body and thereby ailments.

Chapter 9 | Importance of Vitamins

According to Dr. Rath  of New York, every ailment can be healed by just  taking vitamins. These are best taken through food rather than as supplements. Our next step, that comes after detoxifying, is putting  essential nutrients in the body. These are best supplied by food. Light nourishing food is the best for us. This chapter talks about how different vitamins aid us in maintaining our health.

Chapter 10 | Breath the most important thing in life

The moment we stop breathing we die. So that is the importance of breath. We should know the correct way to breathe. Yogis perform many feats using breath. As we were talking of yoga, breathing comes in, along with that. We all seem to breathe wrongly. It is shallow, haphazard, and improper. Breath should always be rhythmic. In breath should be long, deep upto the stomach and out breath should be double of the in breath in time taken. While inhaling the stomach should fill up like a ballon fills up when we put in air and while exhaling all the air should come out of the stomach and the stomach should go in. again the balloon action. Care should be taken that inhalation is half of exhalation if you can’t do it now be at it till you achieve it. The breathing should be soft and gentle. It should not be jerky. In order to take deep breaths we should not tire ourselves. We should try only as much as is possible without straining ourselves. With due attention it will automatically get elongated.

Chapter 11 | Food

We eat to live and not live to eat, so in order to live well we should take very good care as to what we eat. Earlier there were foods that grew in particular seasons; People would wait to eat those fruits and vegetables that came according to seasons. It is said “we are what we eat”. This saying has more connotations than one. One is, it reflects in our health, the other is subtler than this and it encompasses the means of how the food was procured, or how the money to procure the food was earned. It is said that this has a profound effect on the body and mind of a person.

Chapter 12 | Importance of Yoga in life

Yoga is instrumental in providing solution to many or all the health problems. Just by pranayams alone we can heal ourselves. The underlying principle is that lots of fresh air goes in and lots of impure air comes out, some of the pranayams like anulom vilom are balancing in nature so they create balance in mind, body and spirit. If balance is maintained then what malady can remain?

Chapter 13 | Daily Routine

There is a particular way to deal with life. If these routines are followed then we can maintain good health. There are a few things that we should imbibe in our daily routine.

Chapter 14 | Posture

Observe a small baby. See how he sits and strands with an upright back. If we keep our back straight when we sit or stand we will not fall sick. Why? Because our backbone or spine is attached to so many organs through the nerves so if we have wrong posture then some or the other nerve connecting to some organ gets pressed wrongly resulting in ailment of that organ. This chapter explains the importance of posture as it relates to our health.

Chapter 15 | Stress Busters

Here are some simple movements that can be done sitting at the work desk also that will give relief to the cervical, back pain and some relaxation techniques. Even carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be tackled while sitting at the desk.

Chapter 16 | Anti-Ageing

After a certain age extra calcium is needed for our bodies. It is said that everyone over forty years of age should take calcium supplements but magnesium is more important than calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals that help in old age.

Chapter 17 | Your own medicine chest in your kitchen

The things of everyday use are given here in therapeutic usage. Like Garlic Onions, flaxseeds, almonds, turmeric, bishop’s seeds,  Ginger honey cinnamon,cardamom etc.

Chapter 18 | Natural Household Cleaners

This chapter deals in natural products that can be used in everyday cleaning in place of the harsh chemicals that are detrimental to health. This tells us how simple everyday things like baking soda , vinegar and lime juice can be used for cleaning to good effect.

Part 2

Chapter 1 | Be your own doctor

Most common ailments we suffer from are Acidity, Asthma, acne – Back pain, Cancer, Colds and cough, Constipation, Indigestion, Headaches, Diabetes and more, learn to take charge of your own healthby using home based products mostly found in your kitchen. Get amazed to know how most ordinary things can help in even serious kinds of diseases.

Chapter 2 | Importance of the six Rasas in our diet

We are made of five elements and we need to have all five of them in balance to keep healthy. In food ayurveda talks of six tastes and each one of them is a combination of two elements out of these five.  And for a balanced diet all these six rasas should be present in all our meals.

Chapter 3 | Natural Urges

It is very important not to suppress the natural urges. Some of these are- sneezing, crying etc.——————-Why ? read further.

Chapter 4 | Cell Salts

Given here are some insights into some of the functions of the twelve cell salts or 12 tissue remedies of Schussler’s remedies. These are part of homeopathic remedies. With no side effects these are effectively effective. Mag phos put on the tongue of an infant crying because of colic, stops his crying almost instantly. These are so good.

Chapter 5 | Two roots from where all ailments originate

Indigestion: This is the most important chapter as indigestion is the root cause of many a problems. Most of the problems originate from the stomach. We all say that but none of us take care of the same. We spend much time, energy and money on any other activity but our own well being. We go after crazy diets, most of the times they harm us than doing any good.

Upper respiratory tract infections:The other thing that creates problems is the upper respiratory system. This is again very easy to take care of. Keep the chest warm, steam inhalation and neti are good. There are some acupressure points as well shown by figures in chapter 7 for asthma or breathing problems.

Hormonal Imbalances: Due to pollution and food additives and mutation of food genes hormonal problems occur. These have wreaked havoc on the health of the women. Acupressure has a very good and efficient cure for this. This holds good for men and women both. It holds good for any problems of the reproductive organs.

Chapter 6 | Alzheimer’s & Parkinsons

Nerves are affected in Parkinson’s and they degenerate as the disease progresses. If we provide the body with anti oxidants and nerve tonics then we can address this problem. Brahmi, shankhpushpi and bach are brain tonics. Vitamin Bs are also very effective in the same.

Chapter 7 | Various Ailments and their simple remedies

Acidity, acne, amenorrhea, anemia, anger, appendicitis, arthritis, asthma, backpain, baldness, boosting immunity, bringing boil to a head, cataract, cervical spondolitis,  chest congestion, cholera, colitis, common cold, constipation, corns, cramps, cuts and hurts, dandruff, deodorants, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, dental problems and caries, earache and deafness, ear,nose, throat, eyesight, fever, gall bladder stones, gout, gum disease, graying of hair, hair loss, headache, heart problem, heat stroke, jaundice, kidney stones, kidney problems, knee replacement, leukoderma, menopause, menorrhagia, morning sickness, obesity, osteoporosis, piles, polycystic ovaries , polio, prostrate, puffiness under the eyes, receding gums, reproductive systems disorders, sciatica, scoliosis, sun spots, age spots or liver spots, spasms, sores, stretch marks, sty, thorn, tinnitus, urinary disorders, natural way to weight loss, wrinkles and warts are tackled in this chapter This chapter itself consists of about 100 pages.

Chapter 8 | Acid Alkaline Balance

It is said that all the ailments have one and only one cause and that is acid alkaline imbalance. If we correct this imbalance we will enjoy good health.

Chapter 9 | Natural ways to weight loss

Some simple means of losing weight are given here. The medicines available for the same inhibit our appetite which is not good but some eating habits, and patterns plus some adjustment in routines can on its own reduce weight.

Chapter  10| Bites and Poisons

Someone who had her ashram on the outskirts asked me to give some remedies for bites etc that is when this paper was written. It is being included here as all the insects and reptiles live with us and there is a fair chance of getting bitten by any one of these so if we have the ready reckoner we can make use of it.

Chapter 11 | Till Now

This chapter summarizes the essence of the book.

Chapter 12 | Last Chapter

“Since most of the book is based on my husband’s ailments it is imperative with due respect that I add the details of his last days at the end of this book.This will also help the reader to know how we treated him in a holistic manner using different ‘pathies’ to help ease his ailment which ranged from breathing problem to kidney problems. By holistic means his shrunk kidneys came to normal.”

Mridula Sharma


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  3. How do I go about ordering one copy of this book? I live in Bangalore.

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