Write Your Book and Self Publish

There is a writer hidden in everybody. The child also writes poems. You would want to publish those or you want to see your work panstakingly done but for want of publishers or for want of knowledge you are not able to bring it out. There are far less pblishers than there are writers. The world over it has become a trend to self publish your book.
There is no wait and no editing which is against your wishes. The publisher is in a business, he needs to see his profitability, so he needs those changes in your work which he thinks sre needed, but those very facts are of prime importance to you and you do not want to change them so the best way for you is to publish your work yourself.
You have written your book and you are in a hurry to see it in physical form but it can take uoto two years at the publishers’ to get back to you and even after that they may reject your work so the best option is Self Publish.
The publisher gives you only 5 free copies the rest you have to buy at a discounted price. Your own work you have to buy back to give away to your friends and relatives and you do not receive any royalty on that so the best way is Self Publish
Your royalty is pittance if your book doesn;t become a besy seller.
The onus of promotion is on you even if you give it to the publisher so why not Self Publish.
This book is a guide to publishing your own book. Now you can easily bring out your work, your parents’ works or your children’s stories, drawings and paintings on the shelves of the book stores. They are also thawing their stance in favour of the self published author.

Chapter 1 My Story
Chapter 2 Writing Your Resume
Chapter 3 Getting Started With Your Book
Chapter 4 Getting The Isbn Number
Chapter 5 Getting The Book Edited
Chapter 6 Designing The Cover
Chapter 7 Deciding on Other Nitty Gritty
Chapter 8 Copyright
Chapter 9 The Book is Printed
Chapter 10 Marketing the Book
Chapter 11 Launching the Book
Chapter 12 Dealing with the Book Trade
Chapter 13 Going with the Publisher
Chapter 14 My Brush with the Publisher
Chapter 15 Negotiating
Chapter 16 Self Publishing
Chapter 17 Pros and Cons of Self Publishing


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